Cynthia Sirard
Cynthia M. Sirard Client Service Associate

Cynthia joined North Star Wealth Management in July of 2023 as a Client Service Associate. It’s her passion to help others by working directly with people. “This role has been personally and professionally rewarding for me!” Integrity, compassion, and trust are a few of her highest values, and it can be felt during her day-to-day interaction with clients.

Cynthia earned a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Management Information Systems from Oakland University. She has 20 years’ experience in IT Systems Support roles within the automotive, education and franchising industries.

Cynthia grew up in Beverly Hills, Michigan and has lived in the surrounding area her entire life. Today, she lives in Oakland Twp, MI with her husband Jeff, their two sons Mason and Lincoln and their dog Stella.

In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, relaxing on the beach, binge watching a good TV series and spending time with her friends and family.

Q. What are your must-have travel items? Snacks

Q. What is your favorite kind of trip? Why? Any trip that involves a plane ride! Road trips up north are fun, but traveling somewhere by plane really makes me feel like I am on vacation.

Q. How do you spend your time outside the office? I am usually in the car driving my kids somewhere, attending my kids’ sporting events, relaxing at home or out with friends.

Q. If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have? School Counselor or School Psychologist

Q. What’s the one thing that might surprise others about you? I unconsciously crack my knuckles multiple times of the day, every day.

Q. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be? I have always wanted to visit Hong Kong.

Q. What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? I could not imagine living my life without my kids!

Q. How do you define success? The ability to maintain a healthy work - life balance which includes earning financial independence, spending quality time with friends and family, and having enough personal time for self-care.